Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oi Verizon

Did you know that if a Verizon tech comes to fix the DSL one at your father's home/business on Saturday, he might leave you a note saying "your DSL is working. Call me if the phone doesn't work."? And that you might not figure out it doesn't work until after the close of business on Monday?

The next tech might come to fix the phone, and cause the DSL to slow to a crawl- kinda like that commercial with the tortoises who enjoy their internet slow.

The third tech who comes turns out to be the charm. In trying to figure out how to fix our various problems, he discovers that there are two DSL lines- one on each phone line.

To try to figure out what the heck that is about, you might spend two and a half hours on the phone with no fewer than four Verizon representatives in various departments.

Did you know that if Verizon charges you for a second DSL line for three years, because they forgot to turn off the residential line when you needed to switch to a business line, that they will only refund you for four months on each line?

It was a really fun day at work.


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Suna said...

Whoa, that is an unpleasant parallel to my experience with the fine folks at Time Warner Cable last month. They did three separate things and broke something each time. Much irritating phone time. Much sympathy to you.

adena said...

verizon DSL doesn't always go smoothly...but when it works, it's great.

I just tagged you with the "7 things you might not know about me meme." good luck!