Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dear Sister

Dear Sister-

You moved about a week ago. All this week on my way to work I'd reach for the phone to give you a call. Then I'd realize that you were on the other side of the Atlantic, starting your new adventure.

I miss you terribly, but that feeling is small in comparison to the joy I feel at knowing that you and your sweet boy are together again with your husband. I've been in awe of your strength during this challenging year.

I'm grateful for those snippets of conversation we have on gmail chat, and I know we'll have even more fun connecting via Skype. I swear, I'll install it after I get home from this trip.

The kids miss you and their cousin, but they are asking when we can visit. We'll be saving our pennies!

Love, your Sister

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Misty said...

this made me really sad...