Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The more things change, the more they stay the same

When I first went back to work after Maya was born, there was a day when I was relieved to have survived my day there with two children. I started loading up the car with our belongings. When I returned to the house to get the kids, I found Sam in the bathroom. He was washing his socks in the toilet. I completely lost it. I'm not certain that I came to work the next day--I think this was the time my dad worried if I'd ever come back!

This morning I went to see what the ruckus in the bathroom was. The children were supposed to be brushing their teeth. I enter to see Sam using the handle of his toothbrush to get something out of the toilet bowl. It was a hairbrush. I completely lost it. I mean, all I could think of was WHAT THE F*CK! Fortunately I used more developmentally appropriate words. But I yelled, I tried to let the rage out. I got them to school just as the bell was ringing, and then immediately called Erik to vent. Eventually my heart stopped pounding.

I was actually on my way to my psychiatrist, for a med check appointment. That could be a whole post in and of itself, but I do want to say that she reminded me to practice saying "It doesn't matter." True, children will put their hands in the toilet and the world won't end. I am having a hard time grasping why an 8.5 year old would put something in the toilet and then try to use his toothbrush to fish it out. I'm trying though, I'm trying.

My new mantra: It doesn't matter.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

My yoga teacher used to have us contemplate "Thinking isn't necessary" while we were in corpse/relaxation/savasana pose. Aaah.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i always try to pick my battles. sometimes...everything is a battle, though. i have an almost 11 year old who still puts things in the toilet and fishes them out with toothbrushes...i don't get it either but, i told him i'm going to use his head to fish things out, the next time! i was pissed. so, i get what you are saying...bigtime! it just doesn't matter! it just doesn't matter! flows! if you don't mind, i'll use it as my mantra, too!

rhonda said...

It doesn't matter their age, they all do these strange/stupid/weird things. My girls are almost 16 & 14 and they STILL do it. : )
learning to let it go is the best thing that happens in your life as a mother. You'll get it yet hon!