Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kate, whom I met via NaBloPoMo, tagged me to share 7 things readers might not know about me. And that comes in handy since my day went a little bonkers and I haven't blogged yet today.

1. I have been pooped on by thousands of Common Terns. I spent five summers working on an island collecting data during nesting season.

2. Out of 7,500 graduates at NYU in 1992, I was the only Classics major. Graduation day includes students from all of the schools at the university and includes folks receiving graduate degrees.

3. When I was a little girl growing up in Bensonhurst I *so* wanted a little bride's dress. You know, a communion dress. My mother had a hard time explaining why a Jewish girl couldn't have one.

4. When my sister was a baby I would pinch her sweet, fat thighs to make her cry, and then scoot away so as not to get into trouble. Luckily for me I've gotten past that because she's a great sister. BTW, Yiddish has the best word for chunky thighs- poulkies. Ooooo baby poulkies are delicious.

5. I am puzzled when people say they were surprised to be proposed to. Erik and I decided to get married, together.

6. I was almost arrested for civil disobedience at a protest outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY. I hadn't planned to do anything other than be present at the protest, it sort of just happened. So when the organizers explained that if we chose not to get up we'd get arrested my friend and I decided to rejoin the protest on the other side of the street :)

7. I do not like jelly, jello, apple pie, or any type of fruit pie.

I'm too tired to tag anyone. I think most everyone has done this meme anyhow ; )


suchsimplepleasures said...

oh..a fellow jew! my kids all had poulkies! i've pinched them all...and, oops...left bruises! it's so funny because, i've had to explain to my daughter that she couldn't have a communion dress because she is jewish and we don't do communions! loved your meme!
take care...

Melba said...

Sean and I just decided to get married too. I don't really have an engagement ring. I wanted to put the money towards our future instead. Around the same time it was my birthday and we went shopping together for a ring that is in the shape of a four petaled flower. I wore it on my engagement finger just because. I still do. In fact I haven't taken it off in years!