Friday, July 06, 2007

Kids Plan a Dinner Party

Anne Marie at Readable Feast is sharing writing invitations this summer. Sam is pretty self-motivated as far as doing summer reading and writing goes, but I thought it would be fun to pose some of the questions to both of the kids.

Last week I asked both of them who from the past or the present they'd invite to a dinner party. I loved their answers.

Sam, age 8:
  • George Lucas
  • Frank Oz (voice of Yoda)
  • The Beatles
Maya, age 5.5
  • Britney, her best friend
  • Bono
  • JD Fortune (new singer for INXS)
  • the person who plays Ariel the Little Mermaid
  • Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, after prompting from her brother
I love it! I think I'll try to ask them every few years to see how their answers change.

Bonus conversation:
Maya- I love you Mama (for the hundredth time that day)
Me- I love you too Maya
Maya- I even love you when you're upset with me.
Me- I love you all the time too, Maya.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

a few crafty bits

Finished the doll for my nephew
finished dolly

A shirred shirt for Maya

shirred top

Not perfect, but it was fun to learn to sew with elastic thread. from directions in sew simple magazine and House on Hill Road tutorial

A few books I'm loving right now

How is it possible that I haven't added Crazy Aunt Purl to my Google Reader? She's so fabulously funny, and you know I could always use a nudge towards laughter.

GTKY via Birthdays

Groovyholly asks about birthdays at CAC

1) What is your most memorable birthday? Tell us what you remember, your feelings, why it stands out in your mind.

Oooh, this would have to be the year my parents threw me a surprise party! I think I was in 1st grade. My parents got me out of the house by sending me on an errand with my dad. They told me my aunt was going away and wanted me to have my present before my birthday, before she left. We got to her apartment and no one was home. I was *so* disappointed! I couldn't believe my Aunt Ilene would have left before we got there.

I was totally dejected on the way home. Then we opened the front door of our apartment and "SUPRISE"! It was great. And Aunt Ilene, and my gift, were there.

2) What is the best gift you've received for your birthday? Gah. That's a hard one. I probably cherish the notes from my children the most- love that early handwriting! The one gift I totally remember receiving in childhood was actually for Chanukah- a Barbie 'head' that you put makeup on.

3) How do you celebrate July 4 or July 1? We are usually with family. Most years since my first was born we've gone to the Sanibel 4th of July parade with my in-laws. This year my sister and her son (18 mos) came to visit us in FL. Even though the poor little guy had an ear infection he had a fun time with his cousins- and of course it is so much fun for us to get to know him better!

4) What do you value most about where you live? Freedom.
What do you do to show your appreciation? I vote.