Thursday, July 05, 2007

a few crafty bits

Finished the doll for my nephew
finished dolly

A shirred shirt for Maya

shirred top

Not perfect, but it was fun to learn to sew with elastic thread. from directions in sew simple magazine and House on Hill Road tutorial

A few books I'm loving right now

How is it possible that I haven't added Crazy Aunt Purl to my Google Reader? She's so fabulously funny, and you know I could always use a nudge towards laughter.

1 comment:

Kiandra said...

I love that top you mae for your daughter! she is soooo cute! I really wished I knew how to sew with elastic thread...but the idea scares me.

I'm thinking of getting bend the rules sewing...does it have a lot of good projects?

ooh...and love the doll too...on my list of want to makes...a waldorf doll.

thanks for sharing the crafty goodness!