Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can I get a hooray for productivity?

I love to talk on the phone. To friends and relatives that is. To moms who need bf info. For some reason, anxiety related no doubt, I hate other types of phone calls: making dr appointments, hotel reservations (except for the one time I was calling Italy for reservations, I had no problem then. what's up with that?), calling Toshiba about warranty service, any work call that my dad doesn't want to make and hands off to me instead. If I can do it online without talking to a soul, I will.

However! I am sitting here with a to-do list filled with calls. And guess what, ladies (and gentlemen?)? The calls have been crossed off! One faulty ac adapter reported to Targus. One newspaper canceled. One VW service appt made. One gyn appt made. Oh, that last one? I was looking up the phone number of the office online and discovered that they make appts online now. Heaven.


adena said...

I completely agree: I'd rather do almost anything than make phone calls! Email is heaven!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Go on with your productive self! I am the opposite. I don't mind "errands" calls, but I hate substantive ones. But I love the intarwebs, email, and letters. Yep, I'm a freak. said...

I'm sorta like bipolarlawyercook on the phone calls most of the time, but I totally understand other varieties of phone phobia.

For me, that check-off list is key for anything I hate doing. Sometimes, if I have to clean a couple of rooms, I'll list each step on the to-do list so that I can have the physical satisfaction of crossing off many items on the list. Works like a charm.