Friday, November 16, 2007

Days of Awe

The Jewish High Holy Days are also known as the Days of Awe. Last night as I read to Sam before bed, I thought it was also an apt description of those delicious moments of parenthood, when you just can't believe what you're witnessing in the growth of another human being.

Maya's learning to read. It's a mind blowing thing to see. She's so eager, and her face positively glows when she reads us a book that's at just the right level for her. The whole world is opening up--Mama, what does this spell? Mama, how do you spell that? So many questions. I love it. It's just magical when they go from not-reading to reading. I have so many doubts and worries as a parent, yet knowing that I'm raising two children who love to read goes a long way in soothing my worries.

A few weeks ago I saw this book at the library: Tour America: A Journey Through Poems and Art. I decided not to borrow it, as I already had my arms full of books. When we went to the library on Wednesday, I was thrilled that Sam chose it from the new book shelf. I was reading the poems to Sam last night; we were just having a great time looking at the wonderful illustrations, paintings, and collages which accompany the poetry. He was getting so tired, yet he really wanted me to keep reading. I turned out the light and we talked for a few minutes in the dark. He was so interested in the places the poems described, the art in the book, in figuring out what the poems meant.

These are my days of awe.


adena said...

beautiful! I know just what you mean.

Misty said...

it sounds lovely... and those are the moments as parents, with lights glowing as we're warm, snug in our beds, that are truly magical and adventurous!

suchsimplepleasures said...

it is truly awe inspiring...the different stages that children go through. i am always left amazed and in wonderment...thinking, i made these creatures, they came from my body. really, truly...a miracle.

Suna said...

Wow, I had a similar moment last week when my son (14) came up to me and asked me to read a poem in his text book. He wanted to be sure he understood it, because all the kids in his class had taken it so literally that he was unsure (it was one big metaphor). Then he said, "I really liked this unit on poetry, Mom." I almost fell over--but was so happy to hear it--he doesn't really like novels much, but likes paintings and poetry. So glad my boys have an appreciation for the arts. Makes you feel so good.