Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fit to be hung

My rockstars arrived a while ago and are now framed. Daughter is delighted, now Dad just needs to get the hammer out (I'm too blase about crookedness for his taste, so it is his chore).

click on the images to see them larger

I love picking up fun stamps at the post office; the kids love seeing them and look for reasons to send mail to a friend or relative. I picked up these superheros a few weeks ago and decided they'd be great framed and hung in my son's room. They are an odd size, so I used some scrapbook paper to cut a matt for them.

We had a great time looking at the detail in the stamps yesterday. Fun to make sure to stop and see what works of art stamps are, so often they are just part of the background.

I've got some Etsy-goodness on the way for my son too. Can't wait till this one arrives!

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