Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Small Reasons

Krista inspired me to share a few little things with her great post on the small reasons she loves her family. When my daughter, now 5, starting having excruciating tantrums for the entirety of the year of 4, I had to learn to store up these little moments in order to get through the day. They were my fuel to get me through the waves of emotion she was having such a hard time dealing with. I learned to soak them up as they happened and hold on tight to them in my heart.

On Wednesday my son came home and announced that he wanted to cut shamrocks out and sew them to white fabric. Then he wanted to sew the word 'March' on the top of the fabric. I was sort of surprised, being that we'd never really talked about St. Patrick's Day. I was also wondering if we had materials to do it, and if we could get it done by Friday, since he wanted to do it for three teachers. And of course, little sister wanted in on the action as well.

Fortunately we had plenty of green felt to turn this idea into reality. I love how nonchalantly he announced this plan to me. I smile thinking of him coming up with the idea. I love that he wants to learn to sew.

He ultimately decided that stitching three shamrocks to a background would take too long for him. I stitched the shamrocks on, he sewed the word March on. My daughter was only making one, and insisted on sewing the shamrock on (and a heart on the shamrock), while I sewed March on for her.

Maya's on the left, Sam's on the right

On Tuesday afternoon, when Sam and Dad are at Cub Scouts, Maya and I have some time alone. This week Maya brushed and 'styled' my hair, and then put makeup on me. She was just hilarious. I don't know where she gets her personality from, she's too much.

We've been talking a lot about the tooth fairy lately; she's just lost her first tooth and a second is hanging by a thread. I asked her what she thinks the tooth fairy does at night. Her answer: "She goes on the computier and looks at tooth-uhs."

I will be so sad when she stops saying computier (pronounced computee-uhr) or making some plurals the wrong way (as tooth-uhs, instead of teeth).

Her teacher must have talked a lot about St. Patrick's Day this week- Maya is all leprechauns this, leprechauns that. It has given us many moments of laughter this week.

I was feeling kind of blue this week about my upcoming birthday. I don't know why, I'm not obsessed with age; just general blues I guess. My husband and my kids gave me such a fun day today, and I'm feeling great tonight.

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krista said...

I think birthday's give most people blues.

I love the misprounounced words too- today George started saying "sunshines" I love it.

About the sewing- that is awesome. Kids crafting always melts my heart.