Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CAC- Your Life as Art

From Jana: So today, let's think of our lives as artwork, shall we?

If your life were DVD, what would "The Making of _______" reveal about your life behind the scenes?
It would show how deeply education and a love of reading are woven into my family. It would include the period of time that my parents got divorced, and my relationship with my sister. It would show my time as a student researcher on Great Gull Island, where I met my husband.

If your life were a collage, what would be the most important images displayed? Books, food, family. And some things that are normally hidden- how funny I can be, how sensitive I am, and how much I need to be understood.

If your life were a comedy, what would be your funniest moment? Ok, so I just mentioned that I'm funny, and yet I can't think of a funny moment! I can think of embarrassing moments that other people found funny but that I did not find funny! I was just reading Jana's answers and remembered that the first few times I visited Great Gull Island I was very serious (I was only there for the weekend). When I came to work after I graduated from high school, I just giggled and giggled and giggled- Helen, the woman who ran the research station, used to say it was like a different person!

If your life were a book, who would be listed in your cast of characters? Mom, Dad, grandparents (all four), husband, children, my dear friend K and her family, husband's family.


Jana B said...

ARG! I just tried to comment, and got an error!!

melba said...

I can relate to being sensitive.
It is difficult to describe being funny...
I like these questions because they made me think...but they are sort of diffiulct to form into words.