Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday: Photo Day

Swampgrrl asked to see us today.

I use the laptop in bed, with possibly the world's most horrendous posture. I did recently add one of those pillows with 'arms' to encourage myself to sit up more. Umm, not working so much, but I think it is more comfortable.

I've always done work in bed- homework, scrapbooking, reading, you name it. I'm a lounger.


swampgrrl said...

why hello there goddess!!

and now i gotta gush...i just looked at your etsy shop. turns out, i've been oogling and pining away for your stuff since August. i didn't know this was you! as an emerging potter, i saw your stuff back then and was SO inspired by you.

and you're in kingston?! it's always a stop on my way upstate. and i love to stock up on clay at bailey.

nice to meet you, grrrl.

nyjlm said...

Oh goodness no! (I mean, I would love to have created those things!) Those are my Etsy hearted items! eeps! I will make that more clear.