Friday, March 16, 2007

Outside my door

Swampgrrl prompt for Photo Thursday at CAC:

It is possible that some of us will never get to drop over to each other's houses for a cup of tea or coffee. We see each other in cyberspace where the window dressing gets to be whatever our imagination or technical know-how can create.

So here's a different way to connect beyond the screen.

Get your camera. Walk out your front door. Snap a photo to the left. Snap a photo to the right. Include something that may have begun to sprout or something that may any day now come to life...........

Post a link here, so we can share in what's going on outside our doors.

This is right outside our front door after some much needed rain this afternoon.

We have this wild tree, with trumpet shaped flowers, that blooms every March. The flowers only last a day or two before falling off, and they all bloom at once. Poor things, after today's rain they didn't stand a chance.

Fortunately we have other blooms in our yard to enjoy.

We feel a bit guilty about enjoying both of these trees, as they are non-native to Florida. My husband is a biologist who spends a good portion of his working hours getting rid of invasive species!


Miss Dot said...

ok, mine are on my flickr
that was fun, even if I did wake up the cat!

melba said...

Thanks Jen for all your participation and enthusiasm.

Outside my door is slush and rain.

Can't wait for some flowers!


angela said...

wow! such life in these photos!!! i am covered in snow and wishing for spring.