Wednesday, February 28, 2007


At CAC, Swampgrrl had this to say on getting to know you Tuesday:
I'm always thinking about these things in my own life and challenging myself to
S-T-R-E-T-C-H beyond what is comfortable. Sometimes I take big leaps. Sometimes I make micro-movements.
Here are questions to play around with micro-movements or big leaps:

1a. What is one thing about your body that you hate, deny, talk trash about? I've grown quite the jelly belly this year.

1b. What can you do to make friends with this part and show it a little love? Treat myself well through good eating and exercise.

2a. What is one thing about your home that doesn't feel good? clutter!

2b. What is one thing you can do to change that? take baby steps, and learn to be ok with not being able to snap your fingers and attain perfection :)

3a. Is there a relationship that you have difficulty with? yes

3b. What is something small you can do to either salvage it or come to terms with the way it is now? continue to read up on and practice good communication skills to help both of us feel less frustrated.

4a. Is there something you are afraid to do, but would like to try it?
One reason I try new things is for the challenge- I figure if I'm scared there is a good opportunity for growth. Creatively, quilting fascinates me but does scare me- I think maybe I don't have the skills for it.
In other arenas, public speaking terrifies me. I will need to improve for a volunteer position I have.

4b. What can you do to begin a plan to try it? I could try a small quilt, or a postcard quilt. For public speaking I am working on it :) I am co-leading a session at a conference with another volunteer, and a few months after that I will try to lead a small session at another conference.


Tanaya said...

Great answers!!

Is public speaking anything like public writing? If so, I think you are quite talented at it!!! :)

krista said...

I'm so with you on the clutter thing. When I see clutter free places I gravitate towards them like a magnet.

swampgrrl said...

i had to laugh at jelly belly! i've one of those too. i love that you put it out in the universe that public speaking is a fearsome thing.
me too.
i've been practicing fearlessness in my own life, with a little bit of public speaking thrown in. i'm beginning to be OK, but am still trying to get my heart to slow down.

thanks for playing!

leonie said...

hello and pleased to meet you! can you please email me (leonie AT verdandi DOT co DOT nz) with your postal address so I can send you some swap goodies?

Thanks and happy swapping.