Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Photo Day: Family- better late than never, right?

Like most mothers, I love photographing my kids. I especially love to capture moments like this. My children are 2.5 years apart. They have your usual kid squabbles, but I'm constantly in awe of their love and consideration for each other.

I love shots like this one, which capture each of their amazing personalities.

Sometimes I'm even in the pictures! I took this one as we lounged in my bed one day.

My mom took this one. I spend a lot of time lounging!

I don't have many photos of my husband! How awful! I will make sure to take more photos that include him. My son took this one.


windyangel said...

Oh how beautiful are you, and your children. I don't have many photos of my husband either. Great to see your hubby as well.
Family is so important. I missed out with this on CaC but will be doing something on family for my next journal quilt.

Tammy said...

I'm glad you posted!! I love seeing everyone's photos - yours too! Your kids are so cute!!

onangelwings said...

what beautiful children and beautiful pictures. I adore taking pictures of my kids they are my muse. I can only hope that my two stay as close as they are now.