Wednesday, February 21, 2007

exhilaration, computer style

My laptop showed the blue screen of death last night. Just a moment before it was fine. I put it down just before the bsod, and bumped one corner harder than I would have liked.

I rebooted, and it started to do its thing...until it finally said: operating system not found. Oh my goodness, I think my heart stopped beating momentarily.

I tried to reboot again, and hit f2. I don't understand most of what was on those menus, but I did see that the hardrive did not seem to be present.

Sooo, I made the decision to get a screwdriver and see what I could see. It turns out that when I bumped the corner, I dislodged the harddrive. I was relieved to feel the drive snap back into place, but didn't really let out my breath until I turned it on and it did all the things it was supposed to.

I felt ill the whole time I believed that my computer was broken. After I got it to work again I just felt exhiliarated!


windyangel said...

GOOD for you! I'm impressed. When my husband worked with computers years ago, it's been nearly 30 now, he used to say to HIT it if there were problems. Times have changed.

Canada post is slow. I'm waiting patiently and will let you know as soon as arrives. packages have a habit of arriving at post office late Friday. Unfortunately we will probably be out of town. I'm being patient (trying).
Hugs to you dear.

Anonymous said...

I hope you backed it all up as soon as you got it running again! I know what that is like! you just keep thinking about all the stuff you have lost arggggg the horror! :-)