Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Getting to Know You

I haven't participated much in Create a Connection lately, but I'm always reading the posts there. Melba has created such a fun and vibrant community. Today's prompt is about Halloween.

1)What did your family do for Halloween?
The Halloweens that I remember most were when we lived in an apartment building in Brooklyn. We would simply trick or treat on a few floors and then call it done. I was not a big fan of Halloween as a kid. I really didn't (and don't!) enjoy knowing that people were looking at me, and it seems to me that the point of Halloween is to have people look at your costume!

2) Was your Mom (or Dad) the home made costume maker or did you get to pick your costume out at the store? Most of our costumes were home made, of the no sewing type. My parents definitely encouraged creativity. But I think we bought them from time to time as well.

3) Looking back at the various costumes you wore over the years, which one was your favorite?
For some reason right now the only one I can think of is when I went as a bird watcher. We lived on Staten Island at that time, and I was definitely in high anxiety mode of people looking at me, not to mention not knowing what the heck I was dressed as. Ah well, when your dad is a birder/bird photographer that's what happens. There are some cool photos of my sister and I that Halloween.

4) What kind of bag did you take Trick-or-Treating? No idea.

5) Now that you're not a "kid" anymore, do you still enjoy Halloween? Do you give out candy or do you take your own kids/nephews/nieces/ neighborhood kids out trick-or-treating?
Now that I have my own children I love Halloween- I can get creative with costumes, decorating, etc, but not be the center of attention. yay! I've made all of my kids' costumes, and I'm glad they enjoy collaborating on that with me because I think I'd have a hard time buying a costume for them! We go trick or treating on Halloween, after dinner. It is so odd for me, because my mother never let us go T'n'T after dark! That's just what people around her do though, so we do too. It is fun to go in the dark.

6) What's your favorite part of Halloween? Working with my kids on their costumes. The decision making process usually begins on November 1st! lol.

7) Are you wearing a costume to work today? nope!

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