Monday, October 29, 2007


Recently in my blog surfing I came across this post from Andrea of Superherodesigns. I've written about dreams before, and as you can see I had a hard time really letting go and dreaming wildly. [side note: I'm tickled that I did take and pass the lactation exam, am losing weight, and have begun exercising regularly and enjoying it! I'm thinking that was more of a goal list than a dream list. hmm. ]

However, Andrea's question introduces the idea of knowing you wouldn't fail. With that suggestion, I let my mind free.

If I knew I couldn't fail, I would open a bakery/cafe that had room for people, especially children, to come and create art. I would decorate our home boldly. I would somehow, someway, help to effect change in Burma, so that Aung San Suu Kyi and the entire Burmese people would be free. I would spend a year or more living in Italy, learning to speak Italian fluently, and enjoy la dolce vita.

I've been reading Jen Lemen's blog for a few months now. She is never short on beauty or inspiration. At the beginning of October she posted about dreaming as well. I've started a life list here; I'm only up to 38 so far, but I'm sure I will continue to think of both delicious and practical dreams to fill it up with. How 'bout you?


Suna said...

The idea of the life list is interesting. Most interesting is that I have met many of my dreams already.

Right now I want to own and operate a yarn shop/coffeeshop and spend every other week there, enjoying teaching knitting and chatting with friends. The other week I would spend with my wonderful man at my house in the woods (exactly one hour from the yarn shop, for not-too-bad commute), near a lake, where I could have the solitude I crave and could walk, boat, knit, read and think. My kids would have houses in the compound around my house, so we could hang out often and do family activities as their own families grow.

Melba said...

a life list is a good idea. I want to create one too!