Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Look what Sam found flying around our screened in porch yesterday:

It is a Gulf Fritillary. I think it hatched from a cocoon on our kiddy picnic table, which had been outside for quite a while. We brought it in for Maya to paint on the other day. It was so cool to see this very fresh specimen up close. The spots on the underwing that look white were actually silver, like they were drawn on with metallic paint. Beautiful.

I got a box in the mail today, and was thinking it was my mom's birthday present for Erik. I was surprised that it was adressed to me. When I got it open I saw this necklace:

necklace by jessiedriscoll

I've had a similar necklace on my Etsy favorites for quite some time. My sister sent it to me as a congratulatory gift for passing the lactation exam! So awesome of her, I have to go call her!


Suna said...

Lovely butterfly and pendant, which has a wonderful rustic look to it. I am also proud of you for passing the exam. You'll be able to help so many mothers that way!

I have been enjoying butterflies so much. The native Plant garden outside the entrance to our church has drawn so many that you can hear their wings flapping when it's quiet outside. I love watching them and their bee companions, so peaceful under the "torture is wrong" banner.

krista said...

wow- what great shots of the butterfly.

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Amazing moth? Butterfly? shots. Amazing. What kind of camera do you use?

nyjlm said...

Thanks! It's a butterfly. I have a digital Rebel that I don't use to it's fullest abilities lol. I am hoping to get a longer lens (although in this case the short was fine, and I used the macro setting).
My dad is a pro photog- I should actually read some of his work and learn more about my camera.

Melba said...

That was so great of your sister. I love the necklace!