Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know bad things come in threes

but what about things breaking? Today two things fell apart on me- my Weight Watchers 10% weight loss key chain, and my Hello Kitty cell phone charm. Hmm. What does it all mean?

My take on the key chain is that it is time for me to break past my 10% because over the summer I maintained my weight but haven't gone any lower. I've started exercising in the past few weeks--after dinner walks in the neighborhood and I also picked up a WW dvd which has five 10 to 20 minute exercise routines. I can handle that.

So there you have it, an omen from the gods that I'm going to be breaking past this plateau ; )

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Stuntmother said...

But what about poor Hello Kitty?

Actually, I am all about taking things as signs and using them to kick us into the right kinds of action. I lost my Ganesh charm this summer, a very sad thing, but Ganesh lost his head protecting his mother, something I must. not. do.

So perhaps losing Ganesh is my own warning.