Monday, January 08, 2007

A very U2 holiday

I should probably say "another very U2 holiday" :) as there have been quite a few over 20+ years of fandom.

For Chanukah I got the ZooTv DVD, U218 Singles (with the DVD of the Milan concert), Rattle and Hum DVD (I can replace my tape!), and of course, U2 by U2. My mom's husband bought the last two items for me. I was so tickled- I'd been hounding Erik to make sure he bought the book for me, but apprently Kenny picked it up in September when it came out. I'm truly touched that he got it for me. He's a very thoughtful gift giver. My mom told him that I already owned R & H but I told them I was glad to replace my tape which wasn't looking so great the last time I'd watched it.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying the book so much. I hear each of their voices in my head as I read it. I so envy their friendship- their gang of 4 mentality. I've never had that.

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Miss Sassy said...

I am a big U2 fan. However, I reserve my adoration for Bruce Springsteen. Should really blog about him but I don't have the energy it would take to write my love letter. Bruce and Daniel Craig. *sigh* Bono. *sigh*