Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Losing my Green/Natural/Organic cred

We were at Lowe's this weekend. We had a few things on our list, and gift cards in hand.

As my husband took the kids to check out the ride-on lawn mowers I browsed the cleaning aisle. I have the worst time keeping our showers clean. I try to blame it on the humidity in Florida but it probably has more to do with my less than stellar cleaning skills.

This caught my eye. $19.95, and a $10 rebate. And those gift cards! So I bought it. It is either this, or a really dirty, icky shower. I know my shower won't look like the showers in the ads, but I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for a basic level of cleanliness, and best of all it should only require me to push a button.

We use natural/green products for most of our cleaning. Short of a cleaning lady, I'm hoping this is a solution that will work for us, because I just can't get it together enough to keep a spotless bathroom.

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