Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finally- Photo Thursday: Weight

Krista's Photo Thursday prompt from last week was Weight

It was an amazing prompt, and I thought about it all week. I'm often drowning under the weight on my shoulders. It would be very easy to take a photo of some of what weighs so heavily on me- the clutter all around my home or the tax prep I took home from work to finish.

On Tuesday night, Maya and I have time alone, as Dad and Sam are at Cub Scouts. She was getting her daily snuggles, and asked me to blow a blackberry on her. She meant a raspberry. I felt my crankiness lift away as we laughed and laughed. I was just soaking in her beautiful face, and the beautiful moment we were sharing. I grabbed my camera.

Maya mosaic- lightness


melba said...

I think we are all trying to navigate and balance our lives the best we know how. Those pictures are wonderful; Full of Joy!

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful!