Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the Plus side

Somehow through these dark moments I've been doing really well on Weight Watchers. Ordinarily I would eat everything in sight in order to bury the bad feelings. Attending meetings, as opposed to do it online, has really been good. I'm applying more of what I've learned, and really feel like I can do this. Yeah!

My sister and my nephew are coming for a visit on Friday. I can't wait to see them, and to see our kids play together! The baby is 18 months old and is going through a vocabulary explosion. Should be fun!


caroline said...


The moment of language acquisition is among the most miraculous. I hope you write more about it.

I'm sorry you are being drowned by depression. I can relate so well that I won't even offer any advice like people usually do. Don't you hate that?

It's really laudable that you are writing while you are in depression.

Kiandra said...

i hope the visit went well, and cheered you up.

it sucks to be down, but how great that you are doing well with ww, and writing even through the bad days.

when i want to change something about myself...like when i needed to lose the 50 baby lbs...i'd tell myself..."you keep on getting what you've been getting, when you keep on doing what you've been doing." i heard it once when i was about 12 or so, and it's always helped me.

i tried ww (at home, no meetings) after my first child, and it didn't work for me, i know going to the meeting would've worked better for me.

what did it for me was going to curves, and changing what i ate...drastically. the first two weeks was horrible, but i had no choice (my health had changed) i had to change my diet. after about a month, my taste were subtly changing and i grew used to the change in food.

which ever way works best for you...keep at it!