Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've never been good at goodbye. At the end of our annual visit to my grandparents in San Diego I would be in tears as we said goodbye before leaving for the airport. My parents would want one more picture, and I would inevitably be in tears.

Tonight we called my husband's sister and her family. Tomorrow they are moving from a town 2.5 hours away from us to Hawaii. When we saw them a few weeks ago I was very standoffish. I couldn't bear being close to them that weekend, knowing I'd have to say goodbye soon. Tonight I apologized for acting like a jerk when we had time together, and of course burst into tears. She's not just my sister-in-law, she's my friend. We can talk about pretty much anything. She may not have lived in my town for the past few years, but she is pretty much my closest friend geographically.

It's true what they say about anger--there is usually another emotion behind it. I thought I was angry at them, but truly, I'm just oh-so-sad.


Never That Easy said...

Oh, I'm sorry that your friend is leaving... Saying goodbye is a horrible thing. I can feel the ache just thinking about it. Feel better soon!

Kiandra said...

ohh...i understand, when my brother and his family moved back to l.a.(an hour away) i was so mad...because i was sad. now they are getting divorced and man its been a rough 6 mths. i hate goodbyes! and i hatewhen people move away..its like they are taking apiece of your happiness with them.
look on the bright side someone to visit in hawaii. i hope you cheer up.