Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friendship Part II

When I wrote about Friendship the other day, I meant to talk about a theory of mine. I think that the internet is full of other folks who have a hard time making or keeping friends, with introverted people who want connection with other, but who need lots of time alone.

I met many women with new babies in the summer of 1999 online, when my son was born. Several of them have become my closest friends. We've met in RL, our families know and love each other too. We've been through subsequent pregnancies, and all kinds of ups and downs together. I'm so grateful I have them. But I still really yearn for someone who lives nearby, in the same county if not in the same town.

I took a step this week. I volunteered at my kids' camp for the past two weeks. The teacher I was helping was really fun to hang out with. I gave her my number and email address. I'm hoping we can get together and develop a friendship. I really hope to hear from her, but if not at least I've learned that it isn't so scary to try.


Stuntmother said...

That's interesting. I certainly fit that description to some extent -- someone who is a little introverted, who needs time alone, but yet longs to connect.

Friendship in the internet age is a changing thing. I am not yet sure how blog-friendships feed into it. I still want the friend in my house. Eating my food. Using my phone. Being real. When the crossover happens, that is magic.

Kiandra said...

this is an interesting topic. i wonder if i fit into this description. i think half of me does, and half of me doesn't. i have lots of close friends nearby, some i am very very close to, i talk to them everyday...and depending on what is going on in our lives i see them anywhere from a few times a month. but those "close" friendships are few, though i know alot of people.

i am a a true extrovert, i speak to everyone...however, there is a certain wall or barrier...that i only allow people to get so close. and i also love to have my personal space, my time alone, my home that is separate from everyone. i like to keep my home private, unless you fall into that really close category.

i am hoping to develop really close internet friends...i've never had a "penpal" so to say. it would be interesting to see how that would develop in my life.

btw, i responded to your post in the comments on my blog...i'm so new to blogging, i don't know where to or where?

Jana B said...

That would definately describe me... I DO have a hard time making & keeping friends. I want to connect, but I also want my life to be safe... and relationships make me feel unsafe. Internet relationships have a lot less strings attached, and that is awesome. Unfortunately, they are not good when you badly need a friend at 3AM, or run out of time packing to move, or other things where you need a friend that you can see and touch.