Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting to Know You - Let's go to the movies

Tammy is the new CAC guest-host for Wednesdays during April. Tammy loves movies and wants to hear about the movies we love.

Name your all-time favorite movie! (Or if you're like me, narrow it down to your top five!)

I'm all over the place- Roman Holiday and Pulp Fiction are two of my faves. My newest fave is the newest Bond movie, Casino Royale : )

What genre of movie do you like best?

drama or romantic comedy, but I love watching movies and will watch nearly anything. The only type I'm not really fond of are those dopey guy-type movies like Smokey and the Bandit, or American Lampoon.

What movie made you cry the most?

Lots of movies make me cry, but I think that Finding Neverland made me cry most. Runner up is probably Mrs. Doubtfire- yes, a comedy! Although my parents divorced many years before I saw this movie, it touched that part of me deeply, like a pin in a fresh wound.

Have you ever applauded during a movie in the theatre? Which one? If not, what would make you do that?

I did for Chicago- it felt like watching a musical at the theater, and it was so much fun. Everyone clapped.

Do you own any soundtracks from movies? Which is your favorite and why did the music inspire you?

I don't think I own too many. I do have the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I love the songs and how they fit into the movie, and I love the bits of dialogue at the start of the songs. Oh, duh, I also have Chicago!

Is there a particular actor or actress who inspires you? Why do you like him or her?

Hmmm. Not sure about inspiring. I'm sure there are plenty of actors I like, but I can't think of any! I love Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. And Hugh Grant!

Is there a particular actor or actress who you just dislike and will not see their movies? Why?

I really dislike Tom Cruise. He has always struck me as a twerp, and his comments about depression did not raise my opinion of him. My one exception to this is that I love Jerry Maguire!

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor? Which role would be your dream role?

No way! I don't like being the center of attention or feeling like I'm being looked at.

If there was ever a movie made of your life, who should star as you? I can't think of any female actors at the moment except for Renee Zellwegger- I'm taller but I think she hit Bridget Jones so perfectly that she could capture my zany existence as well : )


JulieZS said...

Hey, good answers! I too am digging the new Bond movie. We've watched it several times now. Those opening credits are just the best!

Tammy said...

Great answers!! I love Pulp Fiction too - the music is great ... can you believe I don't own that one though?!

I tend to agree on Tom Cruise... I did like Top Gun though! :) Thanks for playing along today!!

Shannon said...

Great answers!! I loved Chicago too and I bet I applauded at the end, what a fun movie :)