Monday, April 09, 2007

Fruitful Weekend

I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm thankful for it--somehow I've got my get-up-and-go back!
After some great discussions with my husband on our spring break trip, I've decided for sure to take the IBLCE exam this summer. This is the credentialing exam for lactation consultants. The regular deadline for applying to take the exam is April 30th. As of last week I still had three background courses to take, and I finished them all! Now I'm taking one more breastfeeding education class (all online) and am busy getting all of my paperwork together to send in the application. Like I said, I'm not sure where this feeling came from, but I'm so grateful to be taking care of what needs to be done and just generally feeling 'in the zone.'

In addition to doing this preparatory stuff for the exam, I also did some crafting. I purchased a sweater a few months ago and felted it right away. I just wasn't sure what I was going to create with it. I thought of a small purse, but couldn't decide how to cut the sweater so as to use the cool flowers on it. Finally I remembered the cool Lambkin pattern and realized the flowers would be so cute going across the lamb's back. Et voila! My lambkins:



The eyes are the buttons from the sweater.

I also did some embroidery. I bought some patterns from Sublime Stitching a few months ago after seeing one that Krista was working on. I am relatively pleased with the results, but this is something I definitely want to get better at!

Speaking of get-up-and-go--I really need to scoot out the door and get to work!


Miss Sassy said...

Hey - thanks for the post. I'm glad I'm not the only one with Daniel Craig on the mind.

Neat concept on your cute lamb!

What a great thing to be a lactation specialist. I had quite a bit of help from some nice women when my son was born. Because of his health problems, I ended up pumping exclusively for 15 months. It was difficult, especially when I had to cut dairy/soy from my diet due to an allergy he developed but I firmly believe that I was able to keep him healthy with the best nutrition and antibodies.

He also eats about anything which I credit to breastfeeding, handmaking his baby food, and luck.

Good luck - it is great thing to help women who start breastfeeding or have struggles! It is a fascinating topic.

Sorry for writing a book on the subject. I didn't realize I felt so passionate about it!

MAHIMA said...

hello again :)
just wanted to know:
art you more a writer or an artist?
or both?
before i send out your journal. :)

Kiandra said...

i love that little should make more. i think it is so cool that you are going to be a lactation consultant. i just stopped nursing my son a month ago. he's 2.5. i have been so so so so sad. i miss the closeness. it's funny because i was the one who initiated the break as it was starting to feel like he was chewing...and then after two or three days i changed my mind...and so did he! he didn't want to nurse anymore...he said he was a big boy. i cried myself to sleep. i wish i could go back in time...but i know i couldn't nurse him forever. :(
but, i am proud that we nursed for so long...despite the talk i got from everybody. and like a previous poster said...he eats or tries anything! and has been a very healthy boy.
okay anyway...glad to see you getting your get up and i need some