Monday, April 23, 2007

Small Things to smile about on a Monday

  • While getting my journal ready for the CAC swap, my son kept walking by and told me "Mom, it is getting more beautiful and more beautiful." Awww. I hope Pauline thinks so!
  • I figured out how to crochet the squares for the Babette blanket! I have a hard time understanding crochet patterns with directions inside of parentheses and brackets. Yup, that is pretty much all crochet patterns. I did a traditional granny square last night, looked more closely at the photos in the Flickr group, and figured out what I needed to do. Now that I know I can do it I can plan what colors I'm going to use. I'm very excited.
  • I have two more forms to fill out for my lactation conultant certification exam; I'll be able to have it postmarked by the April 30th deadline. I've signed up for an exam prep course online and also have an exam prep book. Yeah!
  • I think I'm mentally caught up from five days away from home. I went to a conference in Georgia, and even co-presented a session without falling ill from nerves :) I got to meet the Fly Lady. I even hugged her because of a story she told. Mind you, I've never done Fly Lady, and have often wondered about her legions of fans. However, I think she's what I've been wishing for. I need someone to tell me what to do, what small steps to take to care for our home. And she will do that. Somehow meeting her and hearing her stories personally has really gotten through to me. I know that there is no magic pill; if I want to change our home, I need to do it one step at a time. Instead of crying about how overwhelmed I am, I need to put one baby step after another.
  • I hate asking for help in stores. Hate it. But this morning I was shopping for milk and didn't see what I wanted. I did see a man behind the milk case working to restock. So...I asked for what I was looking for. My heart didn't pound. I didn't hem and haw, wondering if I should bother, I just did it. Yay!

I had a tough weekend, mostly of my own making I'm sad to say. But today is starting the week off on a good note. Even though I was cranky all weekend, I think I've learned more about myself. I can see through my exam prep and work on crocheting that I can take things one step at a time and make them happen.

Look out, here I come. And I'm turning out great.

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