Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trying to win the Internal Mommy War

Yesterday I read this post from Dad in Progress: Daddy Wars. The post ends
So, I think the war is definitely on, but it's a private and personal war that today's dads fight. And for good cause: to be better dads, to be more involved and to be happier.

I think this is a war all parents face, not just dads (of course moms have the media created mommy wars to obscure this). I tend to get bogged down in what I haven't done, how I'm failing, all the things I've done wrong, without fully appreciating all of the good or great things I've accomplished with my children.

I try to take the time to appreciate the good moments in our family. When I fill my reserves with thoughts of the good, the difficult spots are easier to get through. And those good feelings make it easier to win that internal battle which my mind wages against itself on a daily basis.

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