Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Miracle Drug

I bought my first U2 album when I was 14. I'd heard and liked their music on the radio prior to that purchase; I've been listening to their music for more than 22 years. I know that I can't put into words how much their music means to me.
In good times and in bad, their songs are my companions.

From a recent interview, Bono:

"Intimacy is a great word. A lot of people are listening to music through earphones [these days] and you know, you're whispering into people's ears. It is a very intimate relationship and I think the place where it flowers is, of course, at these shows. You realise that people are not screaming their lungs out for you - I've kind of known this - they're screaming for themselves. And they're screaming for the moments they attach to those songs, the lives. Our songs tend to be with people at either the best of times or worst of times. When things are going normally, I'm not sure people listen to our band very much ," he said, laughing again."Those songs, they open up a series of memories for people - and big ones." click for complete article (Bolding mine)

During good times, their songs are anthems of celebration, anthems of life. When I'm having a rough patch, their songs are like prayers. Edges's soaring guitars lift me up, Bono's words embrace me, and Larry and Adam's rhythms give me the beat to follow.

I love all kinds of music, by all kinds of bands, but U2 is the band that I know I can rely on at all times. They join me in celebration, and sustain me when I need help. They are my miracle drug.

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