Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I happened to be looking for something in my Firefox history the other day. I noticed that almost every website I've looked at in the past month has been a blog.

My obsession right now is craft blogs. I love making things, and I'm so inspired by seeing what other people are making. While perusing who knows how many sites, I came across these great felted sweater bags: Wee Wonderfuls,, Knitty, and Craftzine. I remembered that I have a felted sweater in my fabric stash, and stopped by a thrift store today to pickup two more sweaters to felt. The new ones are drying in my garage, and I'm hoping to piece a bag together in the next few days.

I didn't come across any colorful striped sweaters as I'd hoped, but I think I can put together two cute bags with what I found. Not too many wool sweaters at the store I stopped at, afterall, this is Florida.

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this is a good one too: