Monday, November 06, 2006

Big emotions

For a long time I've said that my dd, almost 5, has big emotions. She's so unlike me in a number of ways that I've sometimes wondered where she came from. Just recently I was specifically pondering the origin of the big emotions. And then it hit me. Well, duh, nyjlm. You. Have. Big. Emotions.

No, I don't roll around on the floor or try to kick people. But I definitely have big emotions too; they just come out differently.

A few days after I realized this I was telling my Dad a story about the kids 'shopping' from a Scholastic flyer. DD finally settled on a book about a dog which comes with a paw print mood necklace. I chuckled and said, "boy, that oughta be interesting on her. har har har." And Dad says, "Nyjlm, that's pretty funny coming from you! Your emotions drove your mother and I nuts!"

Payback is a bitch.

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