Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Signs that the Apocalypse is Nigh or

at least that the tween and teen years will be scary:

Sam's teacher told the class that there is a foul odor in the room after PE, and could they all please start wearing deodorant. And so today I helped my first baby choose some deodorant. Yikes. Little sister had to have some too, of course.

Yesterday I locked the bedroom door when I needed a break from Maya. First she wailed and banged on the door. Then she was quiet, and I heard sort of scratching on the door. All of the sudden the door opened. She had unlocked the door with a barrette. She is six. Is climbing out windows to hang with friends far behind? This morning we talked a little about respecting personal space. I asked what made her think of trying to open the door. Apparently she saw it on iCarly. sigh.

On a more uplifting note, lately I have seen glimpses of my face in Maya's face. What do you think?

Sam drew this over the summer- Pac Man as Picasso would see him


cathy said...

Wow. All of it. Deodorant. Opening locks. Picasso-like drawings. Maya's face changing as she grows. Somewhere in there, you even closed the door and tried to take some time to yourself away from your kids. Wow.

Kiandra said...

that drawing is amazing!! i wish i had the freedom that kids have...

about the deodorant...sorda funny...sorda scary. how fast they grow up.

that is such a good idea..closing the door for some alone time and space. i need to do that. i was doing homework all night and kept getting bombarded.

she's beautiful...just like mama. i can see a lot of you in her, its amazing watching their faces change and grow...i don't think my little ones will ever look like me though!