Friday, August 08, 2008

Belated Thanks and things to be grateful for

Thank you, all of you, for your kind and dear comments. I know that I have friends in California, Oregon, Texas, Massachusetts, Spain, Australia, and more. I am truly grateful to all of you. I am going to try not to be so hard on myself- funny, isn't it, that I'm pretty good at not judging other people.

In reading your comments I realized that I have a hard time reading nice things about myself! And that because it makes me a little uncomfortable, I have delayed thanking some of you. My mother was very particular about sending thank you notes, so not thanking people for the beautiful things they've said about me makes me feel even more uncomfortable!

Thank you Bipolarlawyercook for posting about my photo blog, and for these kind words as well. It's hard for me to even read that second post, because posting empathetic comments is really important to me, and I totally blush knowing that you think I succeed at it. Being understood is so important to me, and I work hard at letting others know I understand them. Thank you.

Kiandra gave me an award. Again- so hard to read her wonderful words that are talking about me! Thank you!

When I had the chance to introduce myself to Suna I didn't- I was too shy/introverted/in awe of her. At that time I didn't know that she too is introverted and fights some of the same battles with her mind that I do. Thank you Suna for saying I make your day.


On July 22nd, my sister had her second little boy. He's just gorgeous from photos and Skype, and we here in FL might burst before we get to meet him in October. And his big brother is doing a great job being gentle.

One day I got to work early and noticed some flowers I'd never seen before.

I decided I'd take some pictures when I left for the day.

When I went to take the pictures, the flowers were gone!

They were back the next morning. These smartie Florida plants close up shop in the scorching heat, only sharing themselves during the relatively cool early hours.


Francesca said...

I'm your friend too! Just awol in the vortex of mental yuck and summertime children (not so yuck). Anyway, chiming in in the two seconds I have before running off to drop sweaty child in the bath!

Suna said...

Those are neat flowers--are they wild or planted? I don't recognize them, which bugs me, since I thought I knew all the flowers where you live.

Glad we now know we are both fascinating people who are also full of interesting quirks. I do hope we get to really meet and TALK.

Kiandra said...

it was all dearly and sincerely meant!

those are some beautiful flowers!

are you guys okay with fay? i got you in my thoughts. when i first saw it on cnn...i thought about you guys right away...hope you guys are okay. stay safe.


lovely. as always. thank you for helping me see the beauty in all that is around me.