Thursday, August 07, 2008

Moooom, I Want To!

Maya wants a lot of things. She hasn't quite learned that we sometimes have to wait for the things we want.

On Tuesday she wanted to sew a skirt she'd gotten too tall for into a pocketbook. Even though I was not really excited about the idea of dragging out the machine, making space on the table, and sewing it, I was even less excited to endure a fit. So I got out the machine.

And? I had a good time. Easy peasy- no pattern, just wing it. Input from Maya on the pseudo-appliques on the front (she asked about embroidering something which would have taken me a few years probably and then said- hey! we can sew a shape on). So nice to sew, and so nice to be present with my kids.


Suna said...

It's really cute! I carried one like that for a long time!

cathy said...

Look at how proud she of it! I'm glad for your crafting time.

Michelle said...

I love sewing with my daughter. There is nothing like just giving in and being present. It doesn't seem like it should take such a conscience effort but it often does. I'm trying so hard to remember.