Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Internet

I send you messages in my head every day. Have you gotten them?

No? Drats.

Well, I will have to keep working on that brain to blog link up.

In the meantime, I'm holding steady. Or, sort of steady. I see the other side, I am almost there. Trying hard. Opening my heart to love, learning to let love lead the way. Fear has led for far too long. Trying to think less, talk less. Trying to just Be.

I kinda lost touch with hope for a few weeks. It's coming back I think. I'm witnessing, from afar: a mother's hope after the birth of her first sweet baby, who had two surgeries in her first week of life; a friend's hope, picking up the pieces after a beloved's suicide; another mother's hope as her baby undergoes care for a serious heart defect; and my sister's hope and strength as she navigates new terrain in her motherhood journey.


Suna said...

I am thinking of you from my Umber Tower. Trying to be hopeful on my 50th birthday.

cathy said...

I think it means you've come out of the dark tunnel if you can feel hope has you have expressed here. Hang on. You have traveled so far.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I go through periods of downs and back to normal monthly and sometimes weekly. Heck, sometimes daily. My heart goes out to you friends, too.