Thursday, February 28, 2008

The incredible surviving thumb drive

My sister did some laundry the other day before she left our home. I opened the dryer this morning and was surprised to find her thumb drive in there. Lo and behold, one wash and dry did not wreck it! So at least some things manufactured today are not all about planned obsolescence ; )

PS, I'm starting to feel much better than I did a few days ago; hopefully my body catches up with my brain I will be a posting fool.


sassypriscilla said...

OK - I must be tired. At first I read that your sister's thumb was in the wash!!! Plus, I don't know what a thumb drive is...

nyjlm said...

lol! There's lots of names for them- flash drive, jump drive, memory stick.

Elsita :) said...

I hope that you're feeling better!!!!
(I didn't know what a thumb drive was neither :o)
Today I have learned something new!!
And I am surprised that it survived the washer machine!
That's a good thumb drive!
Long live thumb drives!!!!!
Elsita :)

jen said...

i hope you are much better by now.