Friday, February 08, 2008


Best Cake Ever. Really. Aunt Rose's Pound Cake

mmm butter and cream cheese

is this not the most beautiful cake batter you've ever seen? You add the dry ingredients to the butter and cream cheese mixture, and then the eggs. As you add the eggs it turns into this beautiful, silky, yellow batter.

cooling in the pan

ready for the oneg after services on Friday night

I should have snapped some pictures of the challah, but by the time I finished braiding the loaves I really needed to go outside and sit under the stars. I'll take a snap later.


Miss Sassy said...

Ooh, this does look delicious.

rhonda said...

bet it tastes amazing. You are impressive to get baking done. I can't seem to get ANYTHING done lately.

Kiandra said...

ooh my land...i am drooling...hold on let me got get a cookie to stick in my mouth! goodness this looks good! the one thing i can't veganize is good pound cake..

let me go pout!