Saturday, January 05, 2008


There's so much I want to say right now. I wish I had hours to sit here and write all of the posts that currently reside in my head.

For now I'll just say, this is the year of Hope. I was inpsired by Ali Edwards to choose one little word for my year. Christine Kane also influenced my thoughts as the end of 2007 came. I want to be and do, I don't want to 'should' on myself. Every day is a new day. My hopes and dreams are Within Reach.

I am hopeful that I will learn more about living with anxiety.
I am hopeful that baby steps will help us to declutter our home.
I am hopeful that I can enjoy each new day, even the rough ones.
I am hopeful that I can be joyful.

I decided on hope a day or so before NYE. I found the idea of practicing being hopeful so useful and helpful in actual practice- I have been catching myself going into the negative self-talk that normally spirals into anxiety and depression, and reframing the situation through the lens of Hope. It's only January 5, but I've experienced more joy so far, been more able to appreciate the small moments that make up a life. I've taken risks that have paid off, and leave me eager to jump again.

It's pretty much January 6th now; I need to get to bed. I'll just share one more thing: a new blog.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

Hope is a wonderful resolution.

Lis said...

Here's to 2008! You sound great!

jen said...

hope is the best possible way to dive into everything. and of course, of course, it will pay off. sounds like it already is.

cathy said...

I like your idea. I will join you in Hope.

I love your new blog but wasn't able to comment over there because nicknames were't turned on. Beautiful photos. Great creative space for you!