Friday, December 28, 2007

Teh Cranky

Dang, it's been a while. I have much to say, but still need time to percolate. Henceforth I share much crankiness. I am at work today, and many of these are work related.

  • can we make it a rule that if you spell the name of the product incorrectly in your Paypal order that we don't have to ship it to you?
  • is it really necessary to call back after you've placed the order with me to confirm the price, which you've just admitted you confirmed on our website? I mean, really?
  • is there a reason why SUV and pickup drivers slow to near tortoise-ean speeds when approaching a speed bump or railroad crossing?
  • will my father one day learn that it is important to share details with his employees so that they don't sound like bumbling idiots on the phone when people have questions?
  • will I stop being a procrastinator and become a do-er?

Sigh, quittin' time.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

Sometimes I think that I should sell "I'm surrounded by idiots" t-shirts on my site. Or camisoles-- so we can all wear them under our regular work wear.

Sorry you have been plagued by dunces this week. : (

Miss Sassy said...

I was thinking about your posting when I slowed to a crawl in my SUV at the railroad crossing. I do it because I always think there could be that chance where a signal doesn't work! Happy New Year. May next year be filled with smarter people.