Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Seeing the Details and the Big Picture

Melba posted about creative dreams and realizing that she is a big picture person a little while back. I chuckled when I read this because I'd just recently been noticing that I love details.

When I collect shells, I go for the teeny tiny ones. I love taking pictures of lichen and fungus. I've always loved the parts of Harriet the Spy where Harriet and Sport played town amongst the roots of the big tree outside of her house. I do a great job thinking of themes for my kids' birthday parties- food, games, treat bags. I'm not so great at actually carrying out the party; luckily Erik is good at that part.

It strikes me that being a detail person is what gets me so hung up sometimes. I forget to pull back and look at the whole picture.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

These photos are incredible-- the fact that you can catch the little details means you don't miss an opportunity to appreciate beauty.
: )

Suna said...

What she said. The photos really made my morning.

Luckily my younger son shares my love for details. We spend most of our time on hikes looking at things on leaves, bugs, or interesting rocks. It must be hard to walk behind us.

And the love of detail probably explains why I have so much "decor" around me--I like to look at little things wherever I am.

jen said...

i love those pictures. the silent beauty. the stillness of the smallness.

Melba said...

I do love details~ but when I am thinking~planning~dreaming I usually think Big Picture.
I want to annually host some kind of event where creative women will come together. I can't exactly picture what everything will look like. I can sense the feeling of what I want it to feel like, but I can not see the details of what everything looks like or well maybe sometimes I can but then they keep changing, but the felling Never changes.
You know what I mean?

Miss Sassy said...

Wow - I really love your photos. Especially the spider webs. Kind of a love/hate thing for me.

Al said...

Love the photos. They remind me to take some time out and look at the little stuff.