Monday, May 14, 2007

Before and After


Melba said...

You look great!
You look so much like my best friend from High School Nancy. She always had hair like yours is now.


Kiandra said...

i love it!!!! you do look great, i had my hair cut like that about a year and a half ago...and i miss it to death! but being a black hair doesn't grow super fast or i think i better hold on to what i fact i'm washing it tonight...something new to me (it's not uncommon for us to go and get our hair done...and not wash it ourselves, too much work) but i'ma try and diy it myself...even if it means its nappy!
but...i love it!

Ki said...

That is awesome! I hope you love it.

Jana B said...

HOW CUTE!!!!! I love the new 'do!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

tracey said...

It looks awesome. You're soooo hip!