Friday, January 09, 2009

Quadruple Word Score

I've had a spare, not in great shape Scrabble game for quite a while. A few months ago I decided I wanted to make napkin rings out of them.

Hard to believe a family with so many cloth napkins hasn't had any napkin rings.

Took me a long time to figure out how I could do it.

I've always wanted a dremel tool. We got a Lowe's card from my in-law's for the holidays, and I told my husband- I want a dremel! And he picked one up for me. I already had some jewlery wire in anticipation of making them.

And now we have napkin rings.


vfg said...

Those are sweet.

Plus: dremel! I got a belt sander for Christmas, but time to use it is far, far in the future. Hooray for small projects.

cathy said...

I love those! Would one use a dremel to make holes in shells or in ceramic, too?

Good on you for using cloth napkins at your house. My two environmental goals for the new year are to use cloth more and to make rad cloth grocery sacks.

nyjlm said...

I bet it would work great for seashells Cathy.And ceramic for sure.

I keep trying to think of other things to use it on- it also has cutting blades and all kinds of fun stuff.

Also...what to do with the rest of the scrabble set. I think I will make a few for guests and then I was thinking some sort of multi-media collage with some more tiles. Hmm.