Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mama, do you see yourself?

I have a hard time understanding people who don't believe in evolution. I understand faith, and for me there is room for both.

And when I see a video like this I am less able to understand how a person could deny that we are related to gorillas and chimps.I recognize myself in this mother mother- patting baby's bottom, lying down and nursing and feeling that oxytocin rush of relaxation. Don't you see yourself in this mama's eyes?


Suna said...

I saw that yesterday. It's so sweet to see the parenting in gorillas and other apes! They are so obviously thrilled with their little babies!

cathy said...

thanks for that. yes, i can.

(i miss that.)

sassypriscilla said...

This was awesome. I forwarded this to a bunch of people last week.

Anonymous said...

No I can't see myself in this gorilla's eyes. As much as you wish that we are related to gorillas there is just no fathomable way that we are. Yes it is sweet to see this mother gorilla nurturing her baby, but it is just silly to think that we are somehow descendants of these ANIMALS. Do you really wish to be compared to an ANIMAL? We are HUMANS! We have souls. Animals DO NOT have souls. It's just instinct.