Friday, October 24, 2008


Maya: Mama, wait, stop. I just want to tell you something.
Maya: I just, I just really like being with people. I like people, I like friends, I like doing things with people.
Me, in my head: omg you poor child, you were so born to the wrong mom.
Me, outloud: Maya, that is so great that you know that about yourself. I know you like to be with people, and I will try to make sure you can have play dates and get togethers. I like to be with people too, but I also need a lot of alone or quiet time.


Maya: What do you call Grandpa Ken
Me: um, Ken?
Maya: yeah, what do you call him? You know, like I call him Grandpa Ken, but he's married to your mom so what is he? What is he for you?
Me: ohhh, ok. Well, I was kind of big when he married Grandma Dana. I never lived in his house, and he was never really my step-dad (she's familiar with the concept because some of her friends have step-dads). I do love Grandpa Ken a lot, he's so special in our family, but I don't have a special name for him. I just call him Ken.


Erik: Why are you so worked up about everything! (sort of yelling)
Me: That's like me asking you why do you have to be so bald! I'm high strung! You're bald! Deal with it.
Both: hysterical laughter
Me: Maya, you may have some money for the book fair, but you may not buy a character book.
Maya: like, no Bratz, Strawberry Shortcake, no princesses?
Me: Right.
Maya: (starting to feel an injustice has been done to her) But Mama! If I can't buy a book about a character what would it be about? Please? It has to have a character or else it is not a book!
Me: nononono- yes, you are right, books are about characters, but I am talking about a specific type of book, the type that has some type of toy character on the cover. Do you know what I mean?
Maya: ok. Yes. I get it.
Me: Whew.


Rhonda said...

Good gosh that girl is funny. And more often than not, she reminds me of her momma, even if you "don't like people" as much as she does. Smile.

cathy said...

Please write more posts (or a book!) about the conversations that are outloud and the ones in your head. I laughed and feel affirmed.

At E's school there are no "characters" allowed -- even on underwear. It's very hard to find plain kid's underwear these days, and that's sort of a sorry development in the universe.

One boy at the school was so upset that he couldn't have fun underwear that his mother found a way to iron clip art images onto the kid's underwear -- firetrucks, boots. I thought that was an inventive compromise.