Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Defense of Junie B. Jones

Dear Junie B. Jones

I know there are parents who don't like you, Junie B. Parents who don't care for your grammar, your spelling, or your antics.

I am not one of those parents. Junie, Thank you for bringing me laughter. I'm talking about I can't read, I can't breathe laughter. I'm talking my daughter sternly telling me "stop laughing and READ the book!" laughter. I laugh harder when I remember by son telling me the same thing four years ago. As my husband sometimes points out, I'm kind of high strung, not to mention overly serious-- and this type of let it all hang out, uncontrolled laughter doesn't come frequently. It's such a wonderful, free feeling, and I thank you for allowing me to experience it with my kids.


vfg said...

I have a beautiful friend, the sort who is a vegetarian, runs a Waldorf preschool, whose kids are impeccably well-mannered while still being quirky and fun, doesn't watch TV, is tanned and bleached blonde from living outside, and I love dearly. One day, sharing her latest struggle to find the right books for her oldest, a new reader, she spoke in shock of a series of books she tried, a book in which the impoliteness of the protagonist made sweet Ella very uncomfortable. I made "mmm...hard to find the right mix..." noises, but the next time it came up, I just laughed out loud: "I'm sorry, but I dearly, dearly love Junie B."

No longer apologetic. Junie learns her lessons. And we all laugh out loud, listening in the car. Junie B. Jones must be read out loud to be well appreciated.

Sarah said...

Must check these books out!

Anonymous said...

I too overcame the smear campaign against Junie B. After all, no one actually grows up talking (or thinking!) like Junie B. Well, except for Sarah P.

Junie B. for Vice President!