Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Goodness, it's been a while

I think about this blog a lot. Still not sure what I want it will be--just for me, or for others as well. I'm trying just to say 'evs' and just make it for me.

I'm doing a lot of crafting lately. My felt bag still awaits its handles, and the scarf I started crocheting is lying dormant. But, I've made one doll for my nephew who just turned one, have almost finished a cape for my niece, and am starting on a spacegirl doll for my daughter. The fabric for my son's spaceboy is cut out. If I have time I will also make one for my aunt's grandson, so I have something to give him when we go to NY. And I'd love to make a waldorf style mermaid for my daughter. We'll see; if I keep going like I have tonight I can finish everything.

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